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UkrLine – offers a wide range of services.
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Shared hosting

Linux Hosting. The most common and widely used.
Many bonuses and free domains
Budget Hosting
A solution for small to medium-sized websites.
from $0.85
Optimal Hosting
A cloud solution for reliable stability.
from $2.55
VIP Solution
A solution for demanding business clients.
from $7.65

Other specialized types of Shared Hosting.

Shared Hosting
Windows Hosting
For websites on ASP.NET and MS SQL
from $1.70
cPanel Hosting
For cPanel users
from $2.55
SSL Hosting
Packages with pre-installed SSL/HTTPS.
from $1.70
Hosting Reselling
For webmasters and web studios wishing to become hosting providers.
from $5.95

WordPress Website Builder. A separate line of packages.

WordPress Hosting
Uses servers configured exclusively for WordPress CMS.
from $1.70
Automatic Installation
Visual Editor
Hundreds of Pre-designed Templates
WordPress Templates
WordPress Templates
WordPress Templates
CMS WordPress
CMS WordPress
Available on all packages:
24/7/365 Technical Support
1 Gbit/s Connection
Uptime – 99.95%
Daily Backup
Free SSL


Virtual Dedicated Servers (VPS/VDS) for those requiring high power and control over dedicated resources.
Linux VPS (OpenVZ)
For projects that have outgrown shared hosting.
from $10.20
Linux VDS (KVM)
If strictly dedicated resources are needed.
from $10.20
RDP VDS (Windows)
Remote Windows Windows desktop, always accessible from any device.
from $16.15
Forex VPS (MT4/MT5)
For automated trading advisors.
from $16.15

Cloud VDS

Cloud technologies for enhanced stability VDS (KVM).
Cloud VDS (Linux)
Cloud VDS created on KVM virtualization.
from $5.10
Cloud VDS (Windows)
Windows desktop installed on a cloud-based (KVM) VDS.
from $18.70
Virtual Office
A cloud-based Linux desktop with extensive functionality.
from $10.20
Moodle Cloud VDS
Moodle CMS installed in the Cloud.
For the convenience of the educational process.
from $5.10
Cloud Server
Included in all packages:
24/7/365 technical support
1 Gbps connection
VPS/VDS setup
Uptime – 99.95%
Separate disk for backup
Free SSL certificate
Full server administration
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Up to 4 domains as a gift

Pay for your plan for 12 months and receive up to 4 domains as a gift. This offer is ongoing and valid at every annual renewal of the plan.
Clients About Us
After a week of working with UkrLine, I am convinced that a professional team works here. They show understanding and patience to those who are dealing with website creation for the first time. I thank the technical support service for their qualified assistance!
I recommend to those who want to have a great website not to look for alternatives, because everything here is the best of what I have worked with. I wish the UkrLine team continued success and to keep reaching new heights.
I thank the technical support team for their patience and professionalism.
Although I made a mess in the site control panel, the technical support manually restored everything back.
My first day interacting with the hosting service and already so much positivity! The team is professional and friendly, truly eager to help! I especially want to mention Yevgeniy from technical support! I have no regrets about transferring my site here and will recommend it to others. Thank you so much for your professionalism and humanity!!!
I have contacted technical support multiple times for technical issues. What I appreciate the most is the incredibly fast response time. All my questions have always been resolved and thoroughly explained.
Even as a beginner, with no understanding of what hosting is or how it works, thanks to such excellent support, I didn't have to pay freelancers for additional services, and all problems were solved. Thank you, guys! Keep it up!
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