This section contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) from our clients and visitors.
You will be able to find answers to most questions. If not, you can always contact our support team, we will be happy to answer all your questions.
The domain was not resolved after registration; can I use FTP to upload files?
You can use FTP using your hosting IP. You can see your IP address in the welcome e-mail or your Client Area /"Login Info/" part. Use the following parameters to configure FTP client server: server IP (you can also use a delegated domain) login: your login password: use Cpanel (ISP) password, standard port - 21. Use passive mode FTP client settings
What is the download folder for the site?
Pages, archives and php scripts must be uploaded to the /public_html/ folder (for Cpanel), to the www/domain_name/ folder (for ISP manager).
I cannot delete a file via FTP!
Try through the "File Manager" section in your control panel. If it does not help, create a ticket. In the ticket, specify the path to the file, and we will delete it.
I do not know how to use FTP. What should I do to upload a site to a server?
Free download FTP client "FileZilla" http://filezilla.ru/get/ Run the FileZilla program. For a quick connection, fill in the fields: Host, Username, Password. You can find the connection data in the welcome email or your Client Area /"Login Info" part.
In which directories do I have to place files and scripts?
public_html is a folder to place html-files, php-scripts, pictures and others. This folder is for everything available on your site. cgi-bin is a directory to hold scripts (for example in perl).
Through the web-access scripts from this folder will be available from the address
http://www.your_domain.ru/cgi-bin/name_of_script. www is label of folder public_html tmp is the directory for temporal files which are created by a Web server. In particular, for the files uploaded through the PHP-upload function.
What is FTP Manager?
FTP Manager allows you to control FTP access to your site. Our servers have two sections of the FTP manager menu: FTP: // Accounts and FTP: // Sessions Control. FTP: // Accounts controls your users. Also, if your hosting has subdomains, you can add FTP users for subdomains. FTP: // Sessions Control views the current FTP session, terminate the user's FTP connection or terminate the incomplete FTP connection.
What index file names can the server have?
The index file is displayed if you enter the path without specifying the file name, for example, http://your_domain.com/. The default index file names are index.htm & index.php.
I need information for setting permissions (chmod).
Access rights (chmod) You can change in the "File Manager" (Your host control panel), or via FTP. Folders permissions must be set to 755. Files permissions must be set to 644.
How to create additional FTP access?
To create an additional FTP account, you must go to Cpanel, then to the Files section - FTP accounts.
How to change the password of the main FTP account?
The main FTP password is the same as the cPanel password. If cPanel password is changed, then the main FTP password is changed as well. To change the password, use the "Password and Security" section.
What is File Manager?
File Manager is a web-based file interface.
It uses for server files operations, such as creating, editing, viewing contents, moving and deleting files and directories (folders).
I've deleted the files, but Cpanel still shows the occupied space.
Cpanel doesn't update in real-time. It takes some time to update quotas and display them correctly.
I can’t unzip the RAR archive
Our servers support only ZIP and TAR archives.
What is Directory Listing?
Directory listing is the absence of an index file (index.html, index.php, etc.) in the contents of the directory. The server can list the directory files in a browser. Sometimes, listing a directory is undesirable and should be disabled for security reasons. In the "Directory listing" part, you can prohibit or enable directory listing.
What directories does my virtual server contain?
/public_html is your web directory. There you can place files and folders of your site. /www - alias of the public_html folder /public_html/cgi-bin - directory for hosting your own CGI scripts. /public_ftp - directory for anonymous ftp visitors. /etc - the service part of the system settings of your domain. /mail - the service part of the mail server. /tmp - the service part of the statistics of visitors to your domain.
Is it possible to delete the TMP folder in the root folder?
We do not recommend this because you will delete statistics. But this does not hurt the site.
I upload updates to the site via FTP, but the new files are 0 kb in size. What is the problem?
You have exceeded the disk quota of your package. Delete unnecessary files or upgrade to a higher package.
How can I add domain at DE zone?
You can add Punycode name. Use puny-code converter.

Internationalized domain names (IDN) are another way for intending domain names. Since the domain name system uses a subset of characters, usually something like A-Z and 0-9, priorly to the coming of punycode was hard, for languages using other character-sets such as chinese or german, to register well spelled domain names. Punycode was introduced to solve this kind of problems and is well performing on all whis kind of languages. How to add a domain? If your tarrif plan allows to add additional domains then
1. First add domain as additional in control panel
Add domain in Punycode only.
Select simple user name and directories. latin characters without special symbols and punctuation marks!!!For your convenience - write with translitas the Russian name on Latin.
Let's assume your domain Interoperabilität.de
in punicode - xn--interoperabilitt-9nb.de
But it would be more convenient for you if the user`s name and the folder of placement would be interoperabilitet and interoperabilitat respectively. So you shouldn't recall that it is covered under these characters xn--interoperabilitt-9nb.de 2. Change nameservers for your domain
3. download files to the directory specified during creation of the domain

http://ded07.net/ user panel manual
NS are specified in attributes to a hosting
Where can I see my DNS?
1. DNS of Your hosting is in the welcome e-mail. 2. You can see the DNS in your Client Area, "Your hosting data" part. DNS will be installed automatically if you register your domain with us. You need to install our DNS in your domain registrar panel to delegate the domain to our servers. If you want to change the DNS of a domain registered with us, use the "Domains" part in your Client Area, or create a ticket.
Where can I add a second domain to my hosting control panel?
If your package allows you to add an additional domain, then: If your package allows you to add an extra domain: 1. add a domain in your cPanel, the section "Additional Domains" 2. change the DNS in the registrar panel 3. upload the site files to the added domain directory.
I started using your hosting. Does your technical support help to install DNS in the registrar's panel of my domain?
For the domain direction to our servers, you need to install our DNS in the registrar panel of your domain. If you cannot understand your registrar’s panel, please give us a username and password and we will install a DNS in your domain. This service is free.
How to transfer my data to your hosting? Can you help to transfer my files? What is the cost of this service?
You need to take the following steps to transfer the site: 1. Create backup files and databases from the old hosting. 2. Unzip backups in your hosting account. 3. Configure the database connection in the settings of your site. If you cannot make the transfer yourself, you can ask for our support. Create a ticket in the "Order site transfer" part. This service is free.
My domain has been registered by your service. When and where can I renew it?
You will receive a notification about the need to renew the domain to the email entered in your Client Area. Notifications will be received 15 days before the domain expires. You can renew a domain in your Client Area in the Domains part.
My first/last name in the domain contact details. Is my data publicly available?
Your data will be hidden when you request a domain's WHOIS.
What are subdomains?
Subdomains are domains of the third (or more) level of your site. For example, if your site has a domain site.com then yourname.site.com will be a subdomain.
What are parked domains?
Parked domains are domains added to the primary domain that display the contents of the primary site.
For example, if you have a site with the domain "site1.com", you can park the domain "site2.com" to it. After that, the same site will be displayed at site1.com and at site2.com.
What are additional domains?
It can be completely different, separate from each other sites in one hosting account.
Can I buy your hosting, but register a domain with another registrar?
Yes you can. After registering your domain, you need to add our DNS to the domain.
I’ve decided to stop using your hosting. Can I transfer a free domain to another registrar?
If you want to transfer the bonus domain to another registrar, you must pay its full price.
What TLDs does your hosting support?
We support all TLDs. You need to install our DNS in your domain and it will be active from our hosting.
How can I change the primary domain of an account?
The domain for reinstallation cannot be used in the control panel. If the domain has been used in the Additional/Parked Domains parts you must remove the domain from the control panel. The primary domain folder is the only public_html. If you reinstall the additional domain as the primary, the site will not be active until you transfer it to public_html. After fulfilling the above conditions for reinstalling the domain, create a ticket in the Technical Support part. Our support will reinstall your domain.
Can I transfer a bonus domain to another registrar?
You need to pay the domain cost and then we will allow you to transfer the domain.
I've bought hosting but I do not know where to start!
Carefully read the details received after activating your account. They contain all the necessary information how to use hosting. Pages, files and php-scripts must be upload to the folder /public_html/ (www is not a folder, this link to public_html).
Cgi-scripts should be in the directory / cgi-bin /
You can do this in several ways:
by FTP
or by using the file manager control panel. Use ZIP or TAR archive. RAR Not Supported! If the domain is not bought from us you should change the DNS which are in the details in the letter in the properties of the domain on site of your registrar.
DNS updates several hours. for the time being you can use the server ip access. The file of the home page should be named as index.php or index.htm.
This is a help for using the control panel
What are the rules for setting permissions (chmod)?
Chmod can be changed in the "File Manager" in your hosting control panel. Or via FTP in the file attributes (directories).
Does your server support mod_rewrite?
All servers of our hosting support mod_rewrite.
Always remember! Mod_rewrite rules don't execute when you use an IP address.
What is a file path and how to recognize it?
The path to the file indicates its server location. The hosting control panel indicates the path to the user folder, it is / home / User ("User" is the name of your account). The user folder indicates the path to the file in the root and the directory: 1. If the file is in the root the path is /home/User/filename ("User" is the name of your account) 2. If the file is in the public_html directory the path is / home / User / public_html / file.name ("User" is the name of your account)
What kind of catalogues is on my virtual server?
/public_html is your web-catalogue. Insert here files and folders of your website. DO NOT TOUCH! /www is alias folder public_html DO NOT TOUCH! /public_html/cgi-bin is a directory for placing your own CGI-scripts. /public_ftp is a directory for anonymous FTP-users. /_private is an auxiliary part for MS FrontPage Extensions. DO NOT TOUCH! /_vti_* is an auxiliary part for MS FrontPage Extensions. DO NOT TOUCH! /etc is an auxiliary part for a system settings of your domain. DO NOT TOUCH! /mail is an auxiliary part for mail server. DO NOT TOUCH! /tmp is an auxiliary part for statistics of visitors to your domain. DO NOT TOUCH!
Cannot delete Permission denied directory.
Perhaps the directory or file was created by a PHP script and has owner nobody, so it cannot be deleted by you. This problem will be solved by our support. Create a ticket in your Client Area, "Technical Support" part.
There is no answer to my question in the FAQ.
Please contact a customer service department with a question: Technical questions create a ticket in the "Technical Support" For finance, domains and credits, create a ticket in the "Financial Support" To improve our service, or you are unsatisfied with the service, create a ticket in the "Complaints and Suggestions".
How long do the site backups store after the end of the hosting period?
While you are an active client, backups create as usual. Was your account blocked if you are late in payment? In this case, a backup store for another 30 days. However, if you wish to return to the site after some time, you can create a ticket for backup storage and it will be saved for a year.
How can I configure my mail program to work with email?
Please, install the following settings: Mailing address: name@domain.com Account (login): name + Your_domain.com Password: ******** POP3 server: yourdomain.com SMTP server: yourdomain.com The outgoing server requires authorization.
There are no letters in my inbox, but Disk Usage is 7.5 MB. Why?
You are probably using SquirrelMail, RoundCube or Horde mail client. When you delete letters, they go to the INBOX.Trash basket. To free up disk space, delete letters from "INBOX.Trash"
Is it possible to forward the letters from several e-mails into one?
Yes, of course. Use on the control panel section "Aliases / Forwarders".
What are "email filters"?
Email filters are a tool for mail. They are also used to protect against spam and other purposes of the correct mail operation. You specify matches and the mail filter searches for them in letters. If the filter finds a match in the letter, it will process it in the way you specified. Filters support regular expressions. If you know the syntax of regular expressions, you can configure filters for them. For example, $ header_subject: matches "" [0-9] {1,5} host "" It means a match in the letter's body of any number up to five characters and the next word "host". You can install other regular expressions using an example. You can specify several processing options for filters: deleting a letter, redirecting to another email address, or redirecting a letter to your script for processing.
What is SpamAssassin?
SpamAssassin is quite powerful tool to protect against spam.
To enable SpamAssassin go to "SpamAssassin" on the main page of Cpanel and click on "Enable SpamAssassin". After that, the mail which is defined as spam will be marked with a special note in the subject and message headers. If you want to delete mail marked as spam go to "Filters" from the main page of Cpanel and further to the link "Add filter".
Next, select "Mark about spam SpamAssassin", "begins from", and enter "Yes" (without the quotes) in the form.
The value of the field "designation" leave "discard". You can also redirect the mail marked as spam to a special folder 'spam' on the server.
For this on section "SpamAssassin" of Cpanel click on "Enable SpamBox".
After SpamBox will be on - all mail which is labeled as spam will be moved to a special folder on the server. You can see it by webmail (web-interface for working with mail on the server).
What are MX records?
Cpanel MX Records are a redirection of incoming mail to an external server. Warning! If you use MX records we do not guarantee the safety of your emails. It’s because the incoming mail does not use our server. If you cannot configure MX records, we do not recommend using them.
Where can I enter the Mail interface?
You can use the mail interface by going to the address –Your_Domain: 2095 or IP_server: 2095
I need an e-mail. How can I make it?
Mail accounts configured in the control panel. http://ded07.net/ Help for use panel.
What materials/actions were prohibited by the rules of your hosting?
It is forbidden to use: chat scripts, online games, own mail systems, mailing scripts, automatic doorway generators, cryptocurrency mining scripts, trackers, PHP gateways, gate and proxies, websites promoting violence, trading prohibited goods, financial pyramids (HYIP projects). It is forbidden casino sites, sweepstakes, smoking mixtures, drugs, betting organizations, financial pyramids, pornography and advertising sex services. It is forbidden to post websites of political parties and organizations. It is forbidden to use hosting for scripts that create a large and continuous load. It is forbidden to use scripts uploading and downloading files from / to file exchangers (Rapida, Torrent, etc.), uploading large files for downloading (large files broken into a multi-volume archive do not solve the problem). It is forbidden to use hosting as a platform for active file sharing. It is forbidden to install direct links for downloading from the server. We recommend using captcha to download files. It is forbidden to broadcast video / audio from the server. You can use third-party servers for translation, for example YouTube. It is forbidden to install IRC servers, IRC bots, web-shell and other hacker tools. Discovered sites will be deleted without warning, funds are non-refundable. Phishing and hack sites are deleted immediately. The shutdown message is NOT sent and all the site information is transmitted to the police. Client account will be closed. No further information is being sent. We monitor the sites of our customers. If we find phishing and hacking sites, we will delete them immediately. Shutdown notifications will not be sent, funds will not be returned. Minimum gap Crown starts -15 min. Maximum processes open by the user – 25 This list may be changed if new threats to the stable operation of shared hosting client accounts are identified.
How do you struggle with spammers?
We have zero patience for any type of SPAM with using our servers or passive spam to sites located on our servers.
Anyway the spam account will be closed.
Funds can not be return!!!
I have decided to terminate using your services. How to refund?
The refund is carried out within three days by all systems of electronic payments.
For the rest of the payment within two weeks of receipt the request.
Please note that payment returns for a full month. For the current month using the services pay is not returned. No matter how many days left.
In case of bonuses (free months, free domains) they deducted from the balance.
Is mass mailing allowed (not SPAM)?
Shared hosting cannot be used for mass mailing. This causes large server loads and create difficulties for other users. For mass mailing, you must use a VPS or Dedicated server. Shared hosting sends no more than 100 letters within an hour.
Restoring backups.
If restoring is done by the customer fault or account had been terminated due long-term non-payment the restoration of backup costs $ 20.
If the damage occurred due to administration the backup will be restored free of charge.
Restore User account from backup is free of charge once a day. Backups of large accounts are not allowed to do at the day time. Backup of accounts more than 500 mb should be agreed with the administration.
Rules for contacting tech support.
If you could not solve the problem using our FAQ you can always create a ticket to our technical support. You need to describe your problem in detail to quickly solving it. If you have a website problem, you need to provide a problematic link. If authorization is needed to solve the problem, you need to provide the details for access. If you would follow these simple rules, your ticket will be resolved very quickly.
Domains problems.
We are not a domain registrar and cannot be responsible for domain registration. We've built APIs of registrars into the Client Area so you can register domain automatically. Any actions or omissions of the registrar with domains are not actions or omissions from us, for example: blocking a domain for illegal content, DNS failure, untimely domain delegation, etc. After domain registration, we recommend checking WHOIS for the correctness of data and DNS. A domain registrar can block a domain for illegal content. If there is a block from the registrar the DNS will look like this: ns1.suspenddns.com ns2. suspenddns.com If the domain is blocked, you need to create a ticket in the tech support part and prove the legality of your content. We will provide your reasons to the registrar. If your evidence is convincing, the domain will be unlocked. Although domain problems are very rare, they are always stable. But, we must give you complete information, even about rare cases.
My site has been suspended without warning. For what reason?
Sites containing illegal content, copyrights (according to the author’s complaint) and network ethics (spamming) will be blocked. There is no moneyback for violators.
The hosting was not renewed and was cancelled, but after the renewal my site is inactive. Why?
If your site is inactive after hosting renewal it can be the following reasons: - The hosting term was expired and had not been renewing for 30 days. The content of inactive accounts deletes after 30 days in storage.. Create a ticket in the Tech Support part to solve the problem. Our admins will restore your site from backups. - Your domain has expired. Check your domain WHOIS and if it was expired, renew the domain so the site will be activating in 2-3 hours.
I was denied service after talking with your manager. Why?
The denial of services may be due to the following incidents: - You used abusive expressions in the dialogue. - You threatened the activities of our company. - Your site may pose a threat to the server. In these cases, we refuse the client the service. If you have paid, you can request a refund.
Why am I asked to send scanned passport?
For the Russian domain zones from October 1, 2009 this is a necessary procedure.
I have VPS, but I want to change the package to shared-hosting. What have I to do for that?
You need to create a ticket in the Tech Support part from Client Area to change the package from VPS to shared hosting.
I want to return the money for the unused period, but I refused, because I used the test period. Why is that?
Because the test period is given for free for seven days and you have enough time to make sure the hosting right for you or not. Buying a hosting without checking customer goes directly to a specific risk. So we can refund the unspent balance. But If you had the opportunity to try and you consciously payed for hosting it means that you are satisfied.
Do you really have unlimited traffic?
Yes, of course. However, viewing videos from our servers and file downloads is prohibited.
Why did you deduct the return amount under the old tariff?
If you want prematurely end using our services and you had bonuses from tariff wich is higher so this bonus will be deducted from the balance on the old tariff plan.
What are the payment dates for the affiliate program?
1. Withdrawal to the Credit Balance is done immediately. 2. Withdrawal to PayPal or Webmoney 10-15 days after ordering.
Affiliate funds were automatically debited for the service renewal, why?
If you have a negative balance billing renews it from all sources, including credit balance and affiliate earnings. If you do not want to use the service, but you want to have an affiliate program, you must notify us. Please, create a ticket to the financial part so we will modify your account for an affiliate only.
My site was blocking for high server load. How to resolve an overload issue?
If your site creates critical loads, we can block it for 24 hours for a detailed investigation of overloads. After the quarantine period, we will explain how to solve the overload problem.
Ordered the dedicated-server, but then decided not to use - whether I can return means?
Yes, you can. $30 payment for installation of the server in Date the Center are subtracted from the sum of return if return is carried out in a month of the order of the server. Also if you refused the server in day of its order.
Can I use your service for casino sites, sweepstakes, betting organizations, etc.?
Casino sites, totalizators, betting organizations and all gambling sites are prohibiting for hosting. All gambling sites are removed from our servers.
Why do I need to enter personal data to register a domain?
We do not process or store any personal data (PD). The domain registrar's API processes and stores your PD.
I had an unused bonus "free domain registration" due to the annual hosting fee. But the bonus was not added after the service renewal for the next year. Why?
If you didn't use bonuses during the year, they are deducting. Paying next year makes new bonuses. Therefore, you need to use bonuses during the paid period.
Can I make a refund if my site is blocked for critical server overloads?
If you have created a server crashes, we reserve the right to refuse a refund.
What path to specify in Perl scripts located in the CGI-bin folder?
The path can be
/usr/bin/perl or /usr/local/bin/perl.
In the script, the first line should be #! /usr/bin/perl or #! /usr/local/bin/perl.
All Perl scripts should have chmod 755 or better 711 (it's safer).
Help me set up cron jobs. I want the http://domen.com/1.php file to run every day at 24:00
You need to add the command
/usr/bin/php in cron jobs space Full_path_to_Your_file.php> /dev/null 2>&1
/usr/bin/php5 space Full_path_to_Your_file.ph /dev/null 2>&1
, specify in minutes 0, in hours 24, and leave asterisks in other fields.

either wget -O - -q -t 1 http://yourdomain.com/cron.php> /dev/null 2>&1
the "-O -" key sets the output to the console (instead of saving to a file), "-q" does it without output to the screen, and "-t 1" allows the script to make one connection attempt.
The server has disabled register_globals. How can I activate it?
You can activate it using servers where PHP was configuring as CGI. Create a php.ini file with the code register_globals = off in the directories required to change the parameters. Typically, this is the root folder of the engine, the installation folder and the admin folder. For servers configured by PHP running the Apache module in the .htaccess file, enter the line: php_value register_globals On (using the php_value * directive in .htaccess where PHP was configuring as CGI will produce a result like Error 500.) After register_globals for your account will be activated.
I need to change the password to the MySQL database.
You can change the password in the database user settings, in the "MySQL Database" section.
How long does it take to execute a php script?
It takes 30 seconds by default.
Server Error 500. How can I solve this issue?
Check permissions for folders and files: 644 for files; 755 for folders. The .htaccess file should not have php settings like php_value, php_flag. PHP runs like CGI and these settings are entering in php.ini files
HTML files should be processing as PHP. What should I do?
Enter line of code in .htaccess: AddHandler application/x-httpd-ea-php56 .html .htm or AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .htm .html or AddHandler application/x-httpd-lsphp .html .htm if you have mod_lsapi (according to server settings)
To install some scripts, I need to enable/disable register_globals. If PHP runs like CGI, how can I enable\disable register_globals?
To change the settings in the desired directory, create the php.ini file and enter: register_globals = disable to disable register_globals = on to enable register_globals
My site has been hacked and infected. Who to blame and what to do?
Here is the list of the main signs of an infected site: 1. Very often, in site pages, there is the code "", the page code is changed. 2. The antivirus or browser displays an infected page. 3. The length of the index file is zero. 4. Incorrectly added code to the PHP file. 5. The interpreter error is displayed on the screen. What to do? 1. Install new antivirus updates on your local computer and clean it. 2. If your local computer is very infected and cannot be cleaned by antivirus you need to reinstall Windows. 3. put all modern patches that are known by Microsoft to clean up Windows vulnerabilities. 4. Change all useк passwords to any Internet services. It is very important to change the password of the hosting where the infected site is located.
What is .htaccess and how to configure it?
.htaccess is a text configuration file to configure some parameters of your hosting. You can create a .htaccess file in notepad and upload it to the server.
I have uploaded site to the server but it does not work on the server. The site was tested on Denver.
Please remember that lowercase and uppercase letters for the web server are different. file.htm File.htm and File.HTM are three different files.
Do you have a Curl in PHP?
Yes. All the servers have Zend Optimizer and cURL installed.
What are needs to run SSI?
Prescribe in the .htaccess directive AddHandler server-parsed .htm .html not running again? Prescribe first Options + Includes
I need to set a different time zone. How should I do it?
Enter * Prescribe * the line in .htaccess
SetEnv TZ Europe / Moscow
Or another time zone you need.
You may need to add to MySQL.
SET time_zone: = '+ HH: MM'
Joomla does not have internal links. How to solve this problem?
In the configuration.php file, find the var $ live_site variable and enter your site in it. Prescribe http://yourdomain.com, where yourdomain.com is your website address.
I need another PHP version. What PHP versions do you support?
If you use Cpanel hosting, you can change the PHP version in the MultiPHP Manager/Cpanel menu. Hosting supports the following php versions: 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2
PHP does not work, what to do?
You need to enable php for domain. To do this go to the menu bar "WWW domains" and in the properties of the domain select on operating mode php.
I want to add another site to the panel. What should I do for this?
You have to go to the panel menu "WWW domains" and add a domain. Please note! Adding a domain, if your site uses PHP, you have to specify the PHP mode.
How can I login in PHPMyAdmin?
PHPmyadmin is available to you in ISP. You have to use the same login details as have created adding the base in the "Databases" menu. You will see only that bases, what the user, you've logged in with, has rules or has been added to them.
How many times can I order a trial account?
You can order a trial account only once.
What will happen with the account after 7 days? Will I be able to enter and pay for it? What will happen with my information, attached domains, files, etc. after 7 trial days?
After the trial period, log in to the hosting account will be blocked. You can always go into your Client Area and pay for the order if you decide to use our service. The blocked trial account files are storing on the server during 7 calendar days. If you need files of your account, please report to tech support.
What is the difference between a trial account and a paid one?
The trial account differs from the paid one: 1. Limited time. A trial account is available for 7 days. 2. Some restrictions in your Client area: You will not be able to get a service credit and you will not be able to change the service package until the order is paid. 3. sending emails is limited to avoid SPAM. The established limit is 10 letters per hour. After payment of your order, all restrictions will be lifted automatically.
How can I get a test domain?
You have to create a ticket to the "Tech. Support" part in your Client Area so you'll get a test domain.
I've ordered a trial account with a domain, when will it be active?
The domain you’ve ordered will be active after payment. We do not register commercial domains as a test. If you need a test domain, please contact Technical Support. You will be given a subdomain for the test.
Server 500 error "Internal Server Error"
Check permissions to folders and files. Permissions should be 644 to files and 755 to folders. The .htaccess file should not have php settings like php_value. PHP runs like cgi and the specified settings are entered in php.ini files. The public_html folder must have 750 permissions.
My site is unavailable. Why?
First, you should find out is your site unavailable only for you or for all users of your site. You can check access from different regions on the host-tracker.com site. If the domain is accessible to everyone except you, please make a trace to your domain: start - execute - enter cmd - in the black window enter tracert YOUR DOMAIN - after completing with the mouse button highlight - press enter - copy. Create a ticket to tech support and copy the trace result.
I can not change the permissions for a file, folder, I can not edit the files, what do I have to do?
PHP-scripts which were running by module mod_php carry out on behalf of the user webserver (99). Accordingly, if the read / modify permissions have not been exposed to all (enough 666 - for files, 777 - for directories) the modification of files created by these scripts (directory) for the user will be banned (accessing via SSH, for FTP). Eliminate the problem by installing sufficient for modifying of files via the function chmod. You can do it recursively, performing PHP-script

Place this file on the site in a directory accessible for web server, such as: public_html or to the folder in which there are files that are needed to change the permissions and name file for example chmod.php Calling the script should be as follows:
or like this:
Where yourdomain.com is your domain name In the first case specify the path relative to the DocumentRoot for your website (/home/user/public_html/ in first example). In the second case - the absolute path from the root directory of the server. When you run the script with no parameters it will be changed the rights for all the files and folders, which are located in the DocumentRoot.
CAPTCHA from google does not run.
In captcha replace line ("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", "api-verify.recaptcha.net"); by ("RECAPTCHA_VERIFY_SERVER", gethostbyname ('api-verify.recaptcha.net'));
I have a massive DataBase, how can I import it?
You need to upload the DataBase to the hosting account. Create a DataBase and contact technical support for help. In the ticket, specify the path to the dump file and the DataBase name where you want to import it. If you want to import the DataBase by yourself, we recommend you to do it at night from 0 - 8 hours.
To install the script, I need server details, DataBase name, user and password. Where can I get them?
The database creates in the "MySQL Databases" control panel. The user creates in the control panel. User password is the same as to the database.
The user must be adding to the database with privileges assigned in the same panel menu. For example, for a user account, the details will be: DB Server - localhost Database name - user_ created database Username - user_created user Password - user password.
While importing a dump, an error occurs "Error CREATE DATABASE".
Databases can only be created in the Control Panel. You need to remove the base creation lines in your dump.
I have uploaded the site files, but I've got an error: "Access denied for user: 'root @ localhost' (Using password: YES)"
In the configuration file for connecting to the database, you need to specify the details for connecting to our hosting.
How can I log into PhpMyAdmin?
PhpMyAdmin is available in the Control Panel. You can find it in the panel menu - "MySQL Databases".
In the MySQL database, I need to put a certain encoding. How should I do it?
Go to the phpMyAdmin interface and select the base you need, and then in the menu - operations - comparison - select the encoding. After connecting to the database, the first command in your data script you need to run the command "mysql_query (" SET NAMES 'required_encoding_name ").
How can I change the MySQL database password?
Go to the database user settings and change the password in the "MySQL Database" section.
How to configure a remote connection to the database from my local computer?
1. add your local IP to the control panel in the "remote mysql" menu. 2. To add your IP to trusted by creating a ticket in the tech support part. Server IP was in the Welcome Mail.
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