SSL hosting + HTTP/2

The site cannot be fully active without SSL and HTTPS configured on it.
SSL is offered in all of our hosting packages.
However, these packages have a peculiarity: if you cannot install SSL and configure HTTPS, then all the necessary functions are pre-installed in SSL packages.
You only need to click "Install". Let's Encrypt SSL is installed across all domains and subdomains and
does not require a dedicated IP address
  • 35GB NVMe Disk
  • Gift domains - 1 1
    укр, if.ua, cv.ua more
  • Sites per account - 4
  • MySQL databases - 8
  • Memory limit - 2048MB
from $1.70
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  • 120GB NVMe Disk
  • Gift domains - 1 2
    com, com.ua, net more
  • Sites per account - 25
  • MySQL databases - 50
  • Memory limit - 4096MB
from $3.40
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Test 7 days
  • 550GB NVMe Disk
  • Gift domains - 2 3
    com, com.ua, net more
  • Sites per account - 100
  • MySQL databases - 200
  • Memory limit - 6144MB
from $7.65
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HTTP/2 - speed up page loading up to 2.5 times

HTTP/2 is enabled automatically in all packages after SSL installation.
Page loading can be 2.5 times faster using the http/2 protocol.
Pages with many elements can load faster than http1.1
You can see the download speed difference here.
All packages include:
  • Files unlimited
  • Directory passwords
  • CRON - scheduled task management
  • Separate server for backups
  • Traffic unlimited
  • Support 24/7
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We provide our third level domain for SSL hosting test convenience.
Protection of your website data

SSL provides reliable protection for your website data.

A website that does not use SSL is vulnerable to theft of personal data, such as login credentials, passwords, and credit card numbers.
Once an SSL certificate is installed, the site operates via HTTPS, which encrypts all data transmitted between the site and the user's browser.
This added security not only protects user information, but also boosts the site's trustworthiness:
  • From users of your site who have confidence in reliability.
  • Search engines give a higher ranking to websites that use SSL certificates since they are considered more secure resources, giving them a competitive advantage in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
You can get SSL certificates for all domains and subdomains of your hosting account.
The SSL certificate is issued for a period of three months and is automatically renewed. To enable automatic SSL reissue, the domain must have the DNS of your hosting account specified.
Yes, you can change your package to a higher or a lower one without paying anything extra. The balance of your account will be recalculated to your new package.
Other hosting service offers
1 Annual payment gives you one (1) gift domain in TLD:
  • .укр, .if.ua, .khmelnitskiy.ua, .kr.ua, .ternopil.ua, .vinnica.ua, .cv.ua, (and other regional domains *.ua (show all domain zones ))
  • 2 Annual payment gives you one (1) gift domain in TLD:
  • .com, .net, .org, .name, .top, .casa, .click, .co.in, .com.de, .firm.in, .gen.in, .in, .in.net, .ind.in, .link, .net.in, .org.in, .pw, .space, .us, .xyz, .com.ua, .org.ua, .biz.ua, .in.ua, .укр, .chernigov.ua, .chernivtsi.ua, (and other regional domains *.ua ( show all domain zones ))
  • 3 Annual payment gives you two (2) gift domains:
  • domain in the zone:
    .com, .net, .org, .name, .top, .tel, .link, .asia, .blue, .casa, .click, .club, .co.in, .com.de, .firm.in, .gen.in, .in, .in.net, .ind.in, .kim, .net.in, .org.in, .pink, .pw, .space, .us, .xyz, .com.ua, .org.ua, .biz.ua, .in.ua, .укр, (and other regional domains *.ua (show all domain zones ))

  • domain in the zone:
    .if.ua, .укр
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