We can transfer your website from another hosting provider or assist you in transferring it from your local computer.
Our team will handle the entire process of transferring your site. To begin the transfer, please create a request in the "Free site transfer" section of your Client Area. You will need to provide us with your FTP connection and login details for phpMyAdmin or access to the Control Panel of your previous hosting provider.

Site migration steps:

step 1
Copying files
This operation takes the most time. Copy speed depends on data transfer between servers and the number of files. Many files take longer to copy.
step 2
Database migration
Export and import of the database are performed, and the connection to the database is configured in the configuration files of your website.
step 3
Site check
Upon completion of file copying and database configuration, website functionality is tested via a hosts file entry (i.e. the site does not necessarily need to be hosted on our hosting).
step 4
User notification.
After testing, the client receives a transfer finish notification. Further, the user can direct his domain to our server by specifying new DNS in the domain settings.
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Transfer of your site
Unfortunately, you can't transfer a website created with Wix Website Builder.
If you are missing the functionality of the builder and you have confidently decided to transfer the site from the builder, then we strongly recommend that you test our offer "WordPress Site Builder ". In the visual page builder, you will be able to create pages by drag and drop as before. There are hundreds of quality templates. But most importantly, you can unlimitedly expand your website functionality in WordPress!
Exact transfer times cannot be guaranteed, as several factors can affect the speed, including the number of sites, the amount of data being transferred, and the number of files. However, we strive to complete the transfer as quickly as possible.
No, you can't make changes to the site during the migration process, as all modifications will be made on the old server. Once the migration is completed and DNS is changed, you will be able to update your website.
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