Cloud Hosting

The optimal solution - trouble-free operation
Cloud hosting is the right choice.
The cloud is essential for sustainable reliability.
The cloud is the constancy of the speed of your site.
High stability is achieved:
Resource distribution over three nodes.
All servers have NVMe drives
Applied CPU Intel Xeon® Silver 4214R
Cloud hosting benefits:
Stable network - 1 Gb/s
Load stability from load balancer
Site security using resource allocation
Cloud KID
  • 20GB NVMe Disk
  • Gift domains - 1 1
    com.ua, biz.ua, org.ua more
  • Sites per account - 3
  • MySQL databases - 7
  • Memory limit - 3072MB
from $2.55
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Test 7 days
  • 70GB NVMe Disk
  • Gift domains - 2 2
    com, com.ua, net more
  • Sites per account - 7
  • MySQL databases - 15
  • Memory limit - 5120MB
from $5.10
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Test 7 days
Cloud BIG
  • 200GB NVMe Disk
  • Gift domains - 4 3
    com, com.ua, net more
  • Sites per account - 17
  • MySQL databases - 35
  • Memory limit - 6144MB
from $7.65
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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting advantage

Cloud hosting is more expensive than shared hosting. The price is justified by cloud technology. Shared hosts the site on a single dedicated server.
Cloud hosting uses a cluster of interconnected servers. Therefore, we avoid a single point of equipment failure as in shared hosting. If one of the servers in the cluster is down, then the other server is connected in the normal mode to ensure the constant availability of your site.
A stable cloud system is served by a high-quality technical support 24/7/365.
You can create a ticket in your Client Area and get a quick response.
We leave no question unanswered.
Support 24/7
All packages include:
  • Deferred payment for 14 days
  • Files unlimited
  • File Manager
  • Custom PHP.ini
  • Directory passwords
  • Site statistics
  • CRON - scheduled task management
  • Backups to a separate server
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Support 24/7
Free trial 7 days
I want to test
We provide our third level domain for cloud hosting testing.
Yes, after the first payment for hosting, you can renew for several days and even for one day.
Yes, of course, using the Control Panel you can always restore all files and databases. You can also select individual files and folders from the past few days to restore. Read more here .
Yes, you can change your package to either higher or lower. There is no need to pay anything extra, the remaining balance on your account will be automatically recalculated according to the new package.
1 Annual payment gives you one (1) gift domain in TLD:
  • .co.in, .firm.in, .gen.in, .ind.in, .net.in, .org.in, .com.ua, .biz.ua, .org.ua, .укр, .if.ua .in.ua, .chernigov.ua, (and other regional domains *.ua (show all domain zones ))
  • 2 Annual payment gives you two (2) gift domains:
  • domain in the zone:
    .com, .net, .org, .name, .top, .casa, .click, .co.in, .com.de, .firm.in, .gen.in, .in, .in.net, .ind.in, .link, .net.in, .org.in, .pw, .space, .us, .xyz, .com.ua, .org.ua, .biz.ua, .укр, .in.ua, .chernigov.ua, .chernivtsi.ua, (and other regional domains *.ua (show all domain zones ))

  • domain in the zone:
    .if.ua, .укр
  • 3 Annual payment gives you two (2) gift domains:
  • domain in the zone:
    .com, .net, .org, .name, .top, .casa, .click, .co.in, .com.de, .firm.in, .gen.in, .in, .in.net, .ind.in, .link, .net.in, .org.in, .pw, .space, .us, .xyz, .com.ua, .org.ua, .biz.ua, .in.ua, .укр, .chernigov.ua, .chernivtsi.ua, (and other regional domains *.ua ( show all domain zones ))

  • two (2) domains in the zone:
    .if.ua, .укр
  • Tariff:

    Price per month
    1 mo
    $0.0  (0%)
    6 mo
    $0.0  (5%)
    12 mo
    $0.0  (15%)
    - If we will suit you, then you can pay for the chosen hosting period.
    - If not, then, you do not owe us anything, after 7 days the account will be deleted.
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    FO-P Kharitinov Vitaly Sergeevich
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